The Leftovers Lookback: Pilot

As the amazing The Leftovers will return for ist third and final season in a few days we will discuss some of the best episode of the HBO drama so far. After what we will cover the show weekly until the series finale.

Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot

Great shows often have a great series premieres. And even good shows have great premieres sometimes. Lost is a great example of the latter. The pilot was so good it kickstarted the second golden age of television and its influence can still be felt today. After a stellar first season Lost slowly but surely went off the rails and when I heard that Damon Lindelof was involved and a new show heavy and mistery and mythology I was septical to say the least. But I was also extremely interested when I read the premise. Was this new show going to be good, great or would it be a misfire?

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