The Leftovers Review: G’Day Melbourne

When there is blood on the streets, buy property. That’s a saying about how crises are opportunity. Or in Littlefinger’s words, chaos is a ladder. After the sudden departure countless people lost their friends, spouses and family members. That left people lost and devastated. We have seen what that loss has done to people in many different forms. From Nora’s shenanigans to the Guilty Remnant. From Mark Lynn-Baker to Grace. We have seen how it affects people differently countless times. What we have also seen is people taking advantage of the chaos. Basically the entire Miracle National Park thing was partly based on taking advantage of the grief and curiosity of others. It makes a lot of sense that people are going to try to turn something bad into an advantage. People are going to try to make money off of it. This final season we hear of a mysterious group of people who claim…continue reading

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