The Leftovers Review: Certified

One of the things that The Leftovers has consistently done is bring back (minor) characters and have those returns have real impact to the story and not feel unnecessary. Last episode we saw the man we had already scene a couple of times before, most memorably in International Assassin, come back pretending to be God. In Certified we saw the return of Sam’s Mother in a scene that was as touching as it was jarring. It’s a strength of this show that it brings back people you don’t necessarily expect to see again and you might wonder why they would need to if you were told beforehand, but when they do it just works. I try to stay away from sites like IMDB to avoid finding out which actors are slated to return. I already made the mistake of not being careful enough so I knew that the doctors responsible for supposedly reuniting people with the departed would…continue reading

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